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Year 6

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Year 6 Information


Welcome Back! Every week, I will be updating these pages with your daily and weekly tasks. Enjoy them. Keep in touch via email.

Mrs Hx


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This is the layout of year 6 classroom ready for the 1st of June

Mrs McDonagh's Maths Mansion Year 6


Decimal re-cap Grammar 1 Grammar 2 Grammar 3 Grammar 4 Angles






These are activities which you can do ‘little and often’ throughout the week:


French Home Learning Projects and Activities


Spellings: Please practise these regularly.  


Reading Comprehension: This will be updated weekly.


Week Beginning June 1st









Diary entry lesson 1 reading focus


Reading Focus



Coordinates and-shapes to recognise 3d shapes


Coordinates and shapes to recognise nets of 3d shapes

  To recognise 3D shapes

Looking at our emails and checking that our personal emails works.

PSHE – Circle time on how they have coped.


Mind Maps and Discussion


See Powerpoint Lesson 1

SUPERHEROES – Research Super heroes.


Bring in comics of the marvel characters.


See Powerpoint

(Please note that every day you need to use the same Powerpoint).


English/diary entry lesson 2 reading focus


English/diary entry lesson 3 identifying features


Reading Focus


Maths/coordinates and shapes to solve problems involving 3d shapes


Problem Solving


Lesson on Teams with Mrs McDonagh

RE – Pentecost read story and draw their own image of the Holy Spirit and focus on making a windmill of their image or of tongues of fire.


See Powerpoint Lesson 1

SUPERHEROES – Develop a character of their own.

(Please note that every day you need to use the same Powerpoint).



English/diary entry lesson 4 informal language


Informal Language

Maths/coordinates and shapes to illustrate and name parts of a circle


Parts of a circle


Lesson with Mrs McDonagh

PSHE – Circle time on how they have coped.


See Powerpoint Lesson 2

SUPERHEROES – Comic Strip creating the story

(Please note that every day you need to use the same Powerpoint).



English/diary entry lesson 5 writing a diary-entry


Writing Day


Maths/coordinates and shapes to solve practical problems involving circles


Problem Solving

Lesson with Mrs McDonagh

RE – Gifts of the Holy Spirit – make a mobile of the gifts saying what each one represents.


See Powerpoint Lesson 2


SUPERHEROES – Comic Strip – editing their story.

(Please note that every day you need to use the same Powerpoint).










May 18th


Comprehension GDS and Expected


May 11th



Times Tables: Website that you can go on to build your recall which is different to Times Tables Rockstars.



Arithmetic: Attached.

May 18th


 Paper 3


May 11th


Paper 2



Monday 18th May



Starter: Today is about weight and capacity. Have a look at the Powerpoint and then answer the questions. Look at Mild and then try hot when you have become more confident with the task. Remember there is 1000grams to 1 kilogram.

Mrs McDonagh’s group – you will be working on finding original amounts.



Mrs Hackley’s Group activity sheet

Mrs McDonagh’s Group – go to this website and watch the video: corbettmaths.com

Having watched the video then complete this sheet. 


Tuesday 19th May



Starter: Today’s lesson leads into Thursday’s lesson. I would like to see you choose a recipe today. This can be one you have used from a recipe book or one you know of by heart. Read it carefully. Your chosen audience is me. How would you change the recipe for me as your audience? Have a look at my Powerpoint for ideas on this.



Edit your recipe. I will be looking for those of you who have written on your recipe making it more pertinent to your audience. What are you going to change? What would I need that would make this an effective piece of writing?


Wednesday 20th May



Starter: Today’s lesson is about kilometres and miles. You MUST remember that there are 8kms to every 5 miles. Check out the pages and refer back to the Powerpoint which I gave you on Monday. This is for Mrs Hackley’s Group.


Mrs Hackley’s Group activity
Mrs McDonagh’s Group – go to this website and watch the video: corbettmaths.com

Having watched the video then complete this sheet.


Thursday 21st May



Starter: Today is the day where I would like you to write up your edited recipe in best. Having written it up, I would like you to make your chosen recipe, taking photos along the way. You MUST follow your instructions and if you need to edit them, please write these edits on your written-up recipe.


Write up your recipe and then make your recipe, taking photos and editing as you go along.


Friday 22nd May



Starter: Today you are going to make a periscope. Look at the sheet attached and complete the activity. Have fun.



Read the cover sheet and then make the periscopes. How big will yours be? Are you going to decorate it with a theme or not?

Mr Oates' PE Challenge





If you wish to share your learning with your teacher or want to ask any questions, please use the email address at the top of the page. If your child is working below or above their age expectation, please feel free to utilise previous or future year group pages to challenge them appropriately.



Here are some other activities, should you wish to complete them:





Mrs McDonagh’s Group can complete this set. Please complete one page a week, not one a day.

Mrs Hackley’s Group can complete this set.  






Correct Spellings


Other: Project Homework for Week 5




So, we are fast approaching the end of your penultimate term at St Joseph's. How  time has flown! 

To ensure you  reach your full potential, we request that you continue to do your homework and hand it in on time. We also ask you to partake in a little technology once in a while, focusing on these websites: 


You can even borrow books from the library and do quizzes on them at home on Accelarated Reading:

Remember, if we are not at school for a while, you have your spelling lists, grammar and Maths books and your reminder books to revise from. Making posters or taking notes in your grammar books is an excellent way of preparing yourself for those little 'quizzes' we have in May. 

Let’s continue with this party!





Homework can be found in the children's green homework book. It is based on the Maths and English CGP books .


Sats workshop powerpoint 29th January 2019














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