Miss A Farmer

Year 1 Oak class teacher

Miss L Dean

Assistant Head, Early Years Lead and Year 1 Pear class teacher

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Kyle – for developing more independence with this learning and being a Have a Go Hare  

Oscar  – improved attitude towards his learning and working with growing independence  

Alana - for being a reflective Tom Tortoise and making her handwriting even better  

Zuzanna – for great effort with her reading and trying hard to re-read and correct her writing  

Aiden – for beautiful handwriting and applying his spelling knowledge in phonics and in his English lessons  

Sienna- for her Have a Go Hare attitude towards all her learning and for always asking for help when unsure  

Maia- always working hard, both at home and during lessons in school- great effort Maia 

Douglas – for applying his fantastic adjective knowledge to his English work independently  

Thomas – for his fantastic Science knowledge and sharing this with other so articulately  

Evie – for always trying her best and her growing confidence in writing- well done!  


Alice - For trying hard in all areas, you are a credit to Year 1 Oak. 

Sophia- For working so hard in your reading. You are so independent.

Natalia- For being such a reflective prayer leader- you are such a Tom Tortoise. 

Leon- For growing in confidence in his PE skills.

Daniel- working hard in his reading and writing skills. 

Spencer- For working hard in PE. You are such a team ant. 

Tillie- For working so hard in her reading and writing.

Maartje- For working hard in phonics and moving to red sticker books.

Harvey- For settling in well after lockdown and working hard in phonics.

Jovan- For being an amazing learning partner. You are so kind and such a team ant. 





Our topic this half term is 'A Walk on the Wild Side' - See our Curriculum Letter here

 Word Aware sheet - read and practise these words with your child, they we will be really useful throughout our topic! 


Home Learning Expectations/ Opportunities- click the image for more details

9:15am register will be taken each morning - this will be a opportunity for a quick check in a catch up (sent via Tapestry)

2:45pm will be story time for the end of the day (sent via Tapestry)

Children are expected to complete at least 3 tasks a day

Send pictures/videos of their  3 learning tasks each day.

We will acknowledge all learning but will give detailed feedback as necessary.

Please don't feel these tasks need to be 'perfect' before sending them in. It is a great skill for children to revisit and edit work. 

Check your Tapestry account notifications from Wednesday 6th Jan to see which home learning your child should access.




During this lockdown it is vital your child's reading skills continue to develop and we highly reccommend that you continue to read with your child daily.

There are two key areas these are: 

Word Reading - Your child applying their phonics knowledge and spotting their common exception (tricky words) on sight.

Comprehension - Your child understanding what they are reading. Here are some useful tasks to help develop your child's comprehension skills.  


Accessing books online- visit https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/

1. Create a free account and log in

2. Make your way to the Free Ebook Library 

2. Scroll down until you see the button 'Levels' 

3. Select book band and the coloured books your child is on

4. Or select Read Write Inc Books and select the colour best suited to your child's phonics ability

5. Please feel free to explore other areas of website and other books too. There is also some great phonics support available. 

Here is an Oxford Owl help video to talk you through the process


Online books from different authors are being added to- https://library.thenational.academy/

Audio book are available free at  Audible Stories: Free Audiobooks for Kids | Audible.com


Visit phonics play https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk and play games   

Here is a video of how to access phonics play for FREE



New Spring 2 spellings- Group 1 sheet Group 2 sheet

Week Commencing 29th March 


Monday 29th March

Mrs Bury's Gospel Assembly on the Catholic Life page 




Set 1 sound recap 

Set 2 sound recap 

Set 3 sound recap

Phonics Activity 

Introduction - Go through the powerpoint all about adding -ing  

Main Task 

Complete the -ing sheet, then write some sentences including -ing words



Introduction watch the video  all about weight and mass

 Complete the practical maths task and record your answers



mini maths video

mini maths worksheet


Go through the Parts of a Plant Powerpoint 

Create a craft flower and label the different parts of the flowering plant. Here are some examples 


Use your phonics and tricky word knowledge to read the text and then answer the questions

Reading Comprehension 


Tuesday 30th March





Set 1 sound recap 

Set 2 sound recap 

Set 3 sound recap

Phonics Activity 

phonics words                

Introduction - Listen to the story and listen for the the -ing verb words you can find. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgdfofQegaM 


Main Task - Look at the animal think about what hey might do/ how they might move (verbs). Use your phonics to write the verb and then in the next box write the word with the -ing suffix. 


Challenge: Can you write any sentences including your new -ing words 




Introduction -   investigate               reading scales 


Main Task - Complete the sheets below 

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Sheet 3



Introduction and main tasks - Lesson 1 - Stations of the cross pictures 





















Wednesday 31st March





Set 1 sound recap 

Set 2 sound recap 

Set 3 sound recap

 Phonics Activity         

Introduction - starter sheet

Main Task - complete the sheet








Introduction - Go through the Powerpoint                    


Main Task - Worksheets (complete 2 star sheets and try 3 star for a challenge)



Introduction and main tasks  - Lesson 2 - Holy Week Powerpoint


Use your phonics and tricky word knowledge to read the text and then answer the questions

Reading Comprehension 























Thursday 1st April 


Set 1 sound recap 

Set 2 sound recap 

Set 3 sound recap 

Phonics Activity

Reading Comprehension - Use your phonics and tricky knowledge to read the text then answer the questions 


Warm up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQr79y06poU 

Main tasks: 

Challenge 1 - https://www.getset4pe.co.uk/resourcebank/viewresourcefile?id=11403 

Challenge 2 - https://www.getset4pe.co.uk/resourcebank/viewresourcefile?id=11718 

Challenge 3 - https://www.getset4pe.co.uk/resourcebank/viewresourcefile?id=11683

Cool down -  listen to some relaxing music and slowly stretch different parts of your body


Complete the lesson - https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/how-can-we-bring-our-drawings-to-life-64vkee 


Complete the lesson - https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/high-and-low-sounds-identifying-them-6xhkcr
























Friday - no school







Golden Time

Well done for completing a full week of home learning! Enjoy having a choose and playing games this afternoon. 
















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