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Year 5 Pear Class Teacher

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Interested in practising some french? Log on to Language Angels and maybe you could make posters of the topics/vocabulary as well.

Username - pupil5   Password - school

Full instructions here

Carol Vordermans maths school is usually about £2 a week.

She wants to help ❤️ so it's now FREE for children age 4-11

Log on to 'pobble', where you will find writing tasks, reading comprehensions and SPAG starters to practise

As a bit of fun, see if you can guess the staff member from their childhood photo.  The answers will be revealed on here on Friday 22nd May.  Good luck!

Mrs McDonagh's Maths Mansion Game Year 5

Emily in Year 5 Pear sent us this animation she made using microsoft powerpoint!


1st June 2020 Summer Term 2

Hello everybody, can you believe we are now in June and heading towards three months of school being closed?! Please keep getting in touch if there is anything you need or are unsure of. As per last half term, here is the work for this week:





Maths: pages 66 and 67 ( Reflection)

English: pages 46 and 47 ( commas after introductions)

Monday 1st June 2020

Maths - Short multiplication with money, click here


Tuesday 2nd June 2020

English Poetry click here 


Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Maths short division (choose 3 digits or 4 digits)

Click here for 4 digits


Thursday 4th June 2020

English - for or against wearing school uniform, click here

Click here for supporting powerpoint


Friday 5th June 2020



Research the weather in Greece, paying particular attention to rainfall. Find some data on rainfall throughout the year and compare it with the rainfall in the UK. You could create a graph if you like to illustrate this comparison, plotting the rainfall of both countries with a different colour pencil.  You could also write a paragraph or two comparing the rainfall and suggesting some geographical reasons why these differences might be, such as different positions in relation to the equator. Can you find out anything else about the weather in Greece? 




Reasoning paper with answers

Spelling dictations



25.05.2020 - Half Term!

All of us in the Year 5 team would like to say a big thankyou and well done for all the hard work of the children and parents throughout this half term. 

Half Term 'active' challenge

We are not setting any work for you as such for this week, however we would like to challenge you to get active. Send us a picture of yourselves being active and we will share them on the class page at the end of the week. You might be going on a bike ride, playing in the garden or doing a Joe Wicks video. 

18.05.2020 Summer Term week 5

Hello again. Hopefully everyone is getting on well with the work we have been setting, please please please email us if you need any help. We thought we would say hello to you all this week with a quick video so here it is:








English 33-35

Maths 54 +55


Click here for the answers to last week's homework


Weekly activities

Monday 18th May 2020, Maths multiples and factors, click here


Tuesday 19th May 2020, English poetry, click here

If you are struggling to open the video about how to perform poetry (BBC website), follow the youtube link above for the same video. 


Wednesday 20th May, Maths, Short multiplication, click here


Here is a video to go with this lesson, click here


Thursday 21st May, English, poetry and noun phrases


Friday 22nd May, Ancient Greece, follow the powerpoint and create your own Greek Vase design

pdf version of the powerpoint is available here


Extra activities


Click here for a reasoning test. This will probably be a bit trickier than the arithmetic tests you have been used to doing. You might want to test yourself or you might want to research and revise the things you are unsure about as you go. Note that if you can't print it out you may not be able to answer some of the questions, such as ones involving measuring things.  

Click here for the reasoning test answers


Click here for a comprehension

French Home Learning Projects and Activities - May 2020


11.05.2020 - Summer Term week 4

Click here for answers to last week's homework

Click here for answers to last week's grammar test

Hello everybody, we hope you have had or are about to have a lovely bank holiday weekend. Thankyou to everybody who has sent work this week and been in touch. We will continue wilth the format of the previous weeks with daily lessons and an some extra tasks. We would also like to thank those who provided feedback through the parent survey. We have one or two plans for changing how we use this class page on the back of this, so watch this space. The first thing we are doing is ensuring all resources for the forthcoming week are uploaded on the Friday beforehand. Please don't feel this means you are obliged to do anything with the work till Monday though, we are doing it to give people a change to prep and print any resources they would like to. 


Spellings and homework

Homework pages: Maths CGP : 35, 56 and 57 ( finish decimal fractions and 3D shapes)

English CGP: page 88 complete section ( ough)

If you find that any of the homework has already been completed, feel free to chose another page. I am going to scan the entire answer section from the books and upload that in the near future, so you will be able to mark any section you like.


1. nearby

2. everywhere

3. nowhere

4. inside

5. downstairs

6. outside

7. upstairs

8. underneath

9. behind

10. somewhere



Monday 11th May - Finding fractions of amounts - click here

There are two additional videos which might be useful in supporting this lesson.

Firstly an explanation of the method, click here

Secondly, a recap of short division, which you will need as part of the process of finding fractions of amounts, click here


Tuesday 12th May - Speech, click here


Wednesday 13th May - Finding non-unit fractions of amounts, click here


Thursday 14th May - Adverbs of possibility, click here


Friday 15th May - Identifying the countries of Europe and ordering events in Ancient Greek history

Firstly, follow this link for a word document with a blank map of Europe, how many countries can you identify? Use an atlas or google maps to fill it in correctly afterwards

Secondly, this link will take you to a word document with a set of events in Ancient Greek history. Put them in chronological order. Then chose one or two events and research it yourself to find out more. 


Extra activities

Comprehension click here

Arithmetic click here

French Home Learning Projects and Activities - May 2020



Dear Parents 19/3/2020

It is with great regret that we write to you in these unprecedented circumstances. It is important that the children understand that school being closed during term time is an entirely different situation to the school being closed during the holidays. Academically, it is vital that we can all work together to ensure the children continue to access learning and make progress. With this in mind we have provided them all with a learning pack containing the following:

Reading comprehensions

Arithmetic tests

Grammar tests

Reading book

Homework books (CGP)

It is important to bear in mind that these are examples of the things that your child can be doing at home. We will be using the Year 5 class page on the school website to provide further resources, but it is beyond the capacity of the school at this time for us to print any more than we currently have. Further comprehension, SPAG, maths and writing tasks will be uploaded to the class page and children can, if needed, access these on screen and record their answers on paper at home. We will also endeavour to provide answers where possible on the website, although this will not always be practical due to the volume of work we are providing. We have also created class emails through which you can contact your child’s class teacher for any major issues which might arise through your child’s home learning. We will endeavour to answer your all your queries.

The children have access to a range of online learning resources which will be linked on the Year 5 class page. Their log ins are written down in their reading records having been checked over the last fortnight. Again we may link tasks set on the Year 5 class page to their online learning environments which they can log in to.

Finally, we have provided your child with a log in for the school email system. Please do not use this unless directed to do so through an update posted on the Year 5 class page. It may be that this is a more effective way to provide children with more in depth teaching and learning opportunities at some stage.


We hope to see you all again soon


Mr Bowring & Mrs Masters

Test papers Year 5 20/3


A reminder of the expectations in Year 5:

Homework completed by Thursday, set on Friday.

Spellings to learn each week

Times table practise is essential - this will really show up in our weekly times tables tests.

You should write three entries per week into your reading record when you read. In addition to this you should be reading to your parents, who should be signing your reading record to say they have heard you read, twice per week.

World Book Day




Year 5 Information






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