What is e-Safety?

E-Safety encompasses Internet technologies and electronic communications such as mobile phones. This policy highlights the need to educate pupils about the benefits and risks of using technology and provides safeguards and awareness for users to enable them to control their online experiences.

At St Joseph’s we believe that learning about staying safe online is very important. We make sure all our students are aware of the risks to safety that are online and what to do to stay safe. Every student, parent and or carer signs our acceptable use of ICT and Internet form to make sure they understand how to use the equipment and stay safe online. We also seek parent/carers permission to publish images of their child, especially for those images from which a child can be identified.

Be SMART and stay safe when using the Internet

SMART rules will help our young people to stay safe online when using all kinds of technology such as mobile phones, games consoles and home computers.


As a parent/carer, you may choose to supplement the school's online learning offer with support from online companies and in some cases individual tutors. Please ensure that you source from a reputable online organisation or individual, who can provide evidence that they are safe and can be trusted to have access to children.


 'If you haven't already done so, please sign up to the National Online Safety app here, when you register, set yourself as a parent to access all of the online safety resources available' '

Key E-Safety Information From the school's: 

Child Protection and Safeguarding: COVID-19 Addendum and any Incidence of Unprecedented School Closure 

On Line Safety

11.1 In school

We will continue to have an appropriate filtering and monitoring systems in place in school.


If IT staff are unavailable, our contingency plan is Capita Integrated Business Solutions will provide off site support via remote access.

11.2 Outside school

Where staff are interacting with children online, they will continue to follow our existing staff behaviour policy/code of conduct/IT acceptable use policy .

Staff will continue to be alert to signs that a child may be at risk of harm online, and act on any concerns immediately, following our reporting procedures as set out in section 3 of this addendum.

We will make sure children know how to report any concerns they have back to our school, and signpost them to other sources of support too.

school will ensure that the use of any online learning tools and systems are in line with the school’s privacy and data protection requirements.


 11.2.1 Virtual Lessons and Live streaming

There is no expectation for teachers to live stream or provide pre-recorded videos, however the school will select the best approach to ensure lessons meet the needs of our children.


Where staff are providing a live stream or a pre-recorded lesson they should:

  • Record or live stream in a quiet room or area
  •  Consider what will be in the background.


11.3 Working with parents and carers

We will make sure parents and carers:

  • Are aware of the potential risks to children online and the importance of staying safe online via the school website and the school’s messaging service.
  • Know what our school is asking children to do online, including what sites they will be using and who they will be interacting with from our school via the school website and the school’s messaging service.
  • Are aware that they should only use reputable online companies or tutors if they wish to supplement the remote teaching and resources our school provides via the school website and the school’s messaging service.

Know where else they can go for support to keep their children safe online via the school website and the school’s messaging service

CEOP Parent Info


Childline https://www.childline.org.uk/

UK Safer Internet Centre https://www.saferinternet.org.uk/

Think you Know https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/

London grid for Learning https://www.lgfl.net/online-safety/default.aspx

Net Aware https://www.net-aware.org.uk/


e-Safety Documents

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